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Web design

Your website is your digital shop window and salesperson so its design should do more than simply create a great first impression. Visually engaging design that’s unique to your business or brand communicates a clear message to your target audience and can lead to an improved conversion rate as a result.

A well-built website attracts better-targeted customer traffic and gains prospects’ trust, while a carefully planned design and content strategy should bring longer time on site, decreased bounce rates and more conversions.

We are a web digital marketing agency built and designed to serve our clients from the launch to the long term. Contact us today, about the website development services that we can do for your business.

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Web development

All websites need a solid foundation, even the slightest mistake could drastically effect the performance of your website. Developing a website can be a delicate and complex process because need to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for use. That is why our developers pride themselves on their attention to detail.

Our core principle of web development is to make a website function smoothly and for the user experience to be as intuitive as possible. Our developers work closely with our creative teams to ensure that anything we build is pixel perfect – delivered exactly as we planned.

Our agency possesses the programming and design skills to provide your brand with a professional platform that will attract visitors, load at high speeds, and include a technical structure to support search engine optimization campaigns.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of getting targeted traffic to a website from a search engine’s organic rankings. Common tasks associated with SEO include creating high-quality content, optimizing content around specific keywords, and building backlinks.

An ongoing natural SEO plan should be focused on generating great audience-first content and following industry standard practices – not finding loopholes and trying to exploit them. Natural SEO should follow a logical approach, which includes keyword research, content strategy, on-page optimization, rank review and evaluation.

We combine technical thinking and creativity to create keyword-rich content that’s above all else, relevant and user-friendly.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Our team will help your brand establish credibility and client loyalty using the right social media channels and messages.

Strategic social media marketing is built on the belief that your content should not be overly sales focused. While it is essential to promote your products and services, engaging your audience with interactive content and community building activities can better develop new brand loyalists. Once your brand has a foundation of trust, you will then be able to reap the rewards through revenue generation, whether your goal is to push traffic to an e-commerce website or to collect viable leads.

When it comes to marketing your brand through major social channels, we will execute a strategy tailored to your goals.


About Us

INTERRAY LTD is the team of young professionals who work to make your business more attractive for your potential clients. Our online marketing firm focuses on getting you the right kind of traffic – an audience that is more likely to convert to customers.

We provide our services to Corporations, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Startups and Digital Marketing Agencies of all types locally and all over the world.

Our professional in-house team of developers, coders, system administrators, strategists, marketers, and graphic designers are trained and ready to help with any of your digital marketing needs. We will propose you the strategy which will be the best for your needs!